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Industrial Hydraulic Shop

Hydraulics Simplified

BMF understands hydraulics like few others. Working on cylinders of virtually any size, from 2” up to 36” in diameter and of virtually any length, we can solve your problem with a comprehensive turnkey solution. General hydraulic repairs, cylinders, motors, hose fabrication, bench testing, painting, and renewing, BMF handles them all. We can even take your existing cylinder or motor, disassemble it, and issue an inspection report so you can decide if you want to source a new cylinder or repair the existing one. We maintain a library of your hoses, so replacement becomes as simple as a phone call to tell us which hose to replace.

One-stop for Many Services

BMF is uniquely qualified to handle special hydraulic repairs. When hydraulic projects require machined parts, repainting, and assembly into a final frame, BMF is your one-stop shop that can provide a single source solution for all your needs.

Advanced Testing Equipment with Machining Nearby

The BMF Hydraulic Shop features the latest testing apparatuses and hydraulic hose crimpers. With all machining performed by our adjoining shop, BMF is capable of any size hydraulic repair. Our equipment includes:

  • Testing apparatus up to 5,000 psi
  • Parker high pressure hose
  • Hydraulic crimper for steel and stainless steel fittings of most sizes
  • Enerpacs and Port-a-Powers of all sizes

For more information about our hydraulics services, please contact us.