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Inspection and QA

Ensuring Quality Standards Across the Board

Inspection and QA (quality assurance) are cornerstones of BMF’s operation. Our customers receive the highest quality parts available because we understand and meet quality standards. With engineers on staff, we can resolve most every problem and ensure that quality standards are met. We use QA practices such as dye-penetrant weld tests, x-ray and third-party testing, bench testing of hydraulic systems, and measuring tools to make sure we fabricate machined parts within tolerance. BMF’s priority is making sure your parts are made or repaired correctly the first time.

Every BMF Shop is Responsible for Quality

Our multi-disciplinary turnkey approach emphasizes quality at every stage of a project. Each of our specific shops is responsible for its own quality assurance programs, both collectively and individually.  For example, you won’t have to contend with a shop that specializes in machining, but slathers on paint without any quality control just because you wanted it. BMF routinely measures all aspects of a project’s paint application, using profile gauges to measure the surface profile in micro-inches, coating-thickness meters, and surface-salinity meters. BMF can measure any attribute you require.

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