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On-Site Repair Services

When Your Project can’t come to BMF, BMF will go to It

BMF is uniquely capable of responding to your project, wherever it is. We understand that your project may be too large or cumbersome to be brought to the shop, or that it needs to be tested in place. We can access your machinery or parts at your preferred location, repairing them onsite or coordinating shop and field work to ensure a comprehensive solution.

Equipment and Solutions on the Go

Our BMF onsite repair team takes its solid experience and state-of-the-art equipment to work where you need them. We excel in working at sites where many disciplines are required, including welding and burning, rigging, hydraulics, and machinist work. You tell us what you need us to do: whether it’s to attend a vessel at the Bay Ship & Yacht pier on Treasure Island; visit a vessel at anchorage; or work onsite at a rocket access stand in a highly secured facility, our On-Site Repair team can make it work.

For more information about our on-site repair, please contact us.